The Legend of Exorcism (2020): BL Action & Demon-Slaying Fun!

Calling all BL enthusiasts with a penchant for pulse-pounding action! The Legend of Exorcism (2020) bursts onto the scene, offering a captivating blend of shounen action, supernatural thrills, and a blossoming camaraderie between a group of unforgettable characters. Get ready to be transported to the Tianbao Period, a time teeming with both wonder and lurking … Read more

Mo Duzhe (Silent Reading) Donghua: Dark Crimes, BL Twists Await!

Mo Duzhe (Silent Reading)

Buckle up, crime aficionados and mystery mavens! There’s a new Chinese donghua (animation) hurtling towards our screens, and it promises to be a heart-pounding rollercoaster ride into the darkest corners of the human psyche. Get ready for Mo Duzhe (Silent Reading), an adaptation of the phenomenal web novel by Priest (the genius behind hits like The Defective and Liu … Read more

Why Danmei Fans Should Dive into the Intrigue of “The Emperor’s Strategy”?

The Emperor's Strategy donghua

Calling all danmei fans! Craving a Chinese BL donghua that weaves together political intrigue, breathtaking visuals, and a slow-burn romance that’ll leave you wanting more? Look no further than “The Emperor’s Strategy,” also known as “Di Wang Gong Lue.” Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey through ancient China, where emperors strategize, … Read more

Scumbag System Season 2: Brace Yourself for More BL Goodness!

Scumbag System

Hey fellow BL enthusiasts, buckle up! The news we’ve all been craving has finally dropped: Scumbag System Season 2, also known as Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan: Xian Meng Pian, is officially on the horizon! As a die-hard fan of Scumbag System, this announcement left me vibrating with excitement. But before we delve into the potential … Read more

10 Anime Like Dinghai Fusheng Records: Dive Deeper into Action, Fantasy & Boys-Love

Dinghai Fusheng Records donghua

Did “Dinghai Fusheng Records” (Dinghai Fusheng Lu, Epic of Divinity Light) weave its magic around you and leave you yearning for more? Fear not, fellow exorcist enthusiast, for a world of fantastical adventures awaits! Here are some anime recommendations that capture the essence of “Dinghai Fusheng Lu” and ignite your love for action, fantasy, and … Read more

Dinghai Fusheng Records: The Donghua That Will Leave You Spellbound

Dinghai Fusheng Records donghua

Hold onto your talismans, anime fans, because we’re taking a dive into a world where exorcists, forgotten magic, and the fate of humanity collide! Buckle up for “Dinghai Fusheng Records” (also known as “Dinghai Fusheng Lu” and “Epic of Divinity Light“), a Chinese donghua (animation) that’ll cast a spell on your senses. Dive into Dinghai … Read more

Anime Like Thousand Autumns: Dive into Similar Wuxia, Romance, and Intrigue

Thousand Autumns

Thousand Autumns, also known as “Shan He Jian Xin,” is a captivating donghua that has taken the Chinese anime world by storm. With its stunning visuals, intricate plot, and complex characters, it offers a unique blend of wuxia action, political intrigue, and slow-burning romance. The story follows Shen Qiao, a skilled swordsman with an upright … Read more