Those Years I Opened a Zoo: A Hilarious Romp Through a Fantasy Zoo

King of the Zoo (Those Years I Opened a Zoo) is a Chinese BL anime brimming with fluff, comedy, and fantastical creatures! Buckle up for a wild ride as Duan Jiaze, a recent graduate, inherits a struggling private zoo. But this isn’t your average zoo!

Those Years I Opened a Zoo

The Twist: Magical Staff and Age Restrictions

Duan Jiaze’s inheritance comes with a surprising catch – a contract that welcomes some rather unique “animals” to the zoo. Enter Luya, a sun crow with a mysterious past, and a whole cast of fantastical beings including a nine-tailed fox and a demon snake!

Why You Should Watch Those Years I Opened a Zoo:

Those Years I Opened a Zoo
  • Pure Fun: This anime is a breath of fresh air with its lighthearted humor and adorable characters.
  • Fantasy with a Twist: The zoo’s staff may not be your typical zookeepers, but they certainly add a magical spin to the story.
  • Forbidden Love? A hilarious age restriction on the zoo (no entry under 21!) sets the stage for a blossoming romance between Duan Jiaze and Luya.
  • A Supportive Zoo Family: The entire zoo, human and fantastical alike, becomes invested in the couple’s relationship, adding a heartwarming layer to the story.
  • Furry Fun: Get ready for a flood of cuteness with the zoo’s diverse animal population!

Beyond the Danmei Donghua:

Those Years I Opened a Zoo offers more than just anime fun. The story originated from a novel by LMHTDTZ (La MianHua Tang De TuZi / Marshmallow Bunny) and has also been adapted into an audio drama and a manhua (Chinese comic).

Is There More?

Fans are eagerly waiting for news of Those Years I Opened a Zoo Season 2, but so far, there’s no official confirmation. However, with its charming characters and lighthearted approach, Those Years I Opened a Zoo is sure to leave you wanting more!