The MXTX Trilogy: A Must-Watch Welcome Rites to Chinese BL Donghua

A journey to the world of Chinese BL animation is not complete without venturing out the path of the infamous MXTX trilogy, or the 3 BL novels of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu that had been adapted into danmei donghua, namely The Founder of Diabolism, Heaven Official’s Blessing, and Scum Villain Self-Saving System.

Now, in this post, we’ll gonna take a look at these 3 BL donghua and why newbies watching Chinese animations should have it on their watchlist as an introductory title. These Chinese BL (danmei) shows had been cults on their own among viewers of donghua and let’s dive into what makes them interesting from the very start.

MXTX Trilogy – The Must-Watch Chinese BL Donghua

The Founder of Diabolism (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

MXTX trilogy Mo Dao Zu Shi

First on our list is the only novel from MXTX Trinity that had been totally completed and fully adapted into a Chinese animation. It was produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures and animated by B.CMAY Pictures in 2018 and paved the way for the popularity of boys-love in donghua.

Along with The King’s Avatar, The Founder of Diabolism or also known as Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation helps the renewal of Chinese animation’s popularity outside of China.

The Founder of Diabolism follows the story of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji as they navigate through the conspiracies that engulfed the cultivation world and unearth the secrets that lie deep within while also coming to terms with their own emotions towards each other.

This donghua is a gorgeous experience that explores an intricate dive into themes of love, friendship, and redemption. Especially with Wei Wuxian who had fallen to the dark side and has been given a second chance to correct his past mistakes, this is an exciting story that every danmei donghua viewer should witness.

Heaven Official’s Blessing

Next on our list is the most intimate of all the MTXT trilogy of Chinese BL anime and that is Heaven Official’s Blessing – a 2020 donghua by Haoliners Animation and Bilibili which follows the story of a god named Xie Lian and the ghost king Hua Cheng who happens to be seriously devoted to him even before he became one of the strongest ghosts out there.

Of all three donghua, this one appeals directly to the heart and center wholeheartedly to the dynamic, intimate, and genuine bond of Xie Lian and Hua Cheng. In a world where everything feels against you, how crazy and amazing it is to find solace in the most unexpected place – someone’s heart.

Animation-wise, Heaven Official’s Blessing is no inferior to The Founder of Diabolism, albeit this one feels more vibrant and has a rather positive vibe in the air but still has that heavy drama that makes it more intriguing and compelling.

Scumbag Sytem

Last but not least is the Scumbag System which sets itself apart from the other two in many ways. First, it is the only 3D donghua among the MXTX trilogy of Chinese BL anime. While the first 2 shows that I’ve mentioned are among the most spectacular 2D donghua, Scumbag System is quite at the shorter end of the stick when it comes to its animation and production.

In fact, the previously announced Scumbag System Season 2 had been jeopardized because of the production issues in its animation studio. Until now, Tencent hasn’t announced new updates about it since it was initially revealed in 2021.

Secondly, Scumbag System is the only isekai in this list too. It follows the usual route of many Japanese and Chinese isekai shows out there. Furthermore, the plot may remind you of shows like My Next Life as a Villainess, Who Made Me A Princess, and some more shows. In this donghua, we had the MC transmigrated inside a novel and possessed the body of the main villain, hence, he know that he’ll have to face terrible death at the hands of the MC and must find a way to survive.