The Legend of Exorcism (2020): BL Action & Demon-Slaying Fun!

Calling all BL enthusiasts with a penchant for pulse-pounding action! The Legend of Exorcism (2020) bursts onto the scene, offering a captivating blend of shounen action, supernatural thrills, and a blossoming camaraderie between a group of unforgettable characters.

Get ready to be transported to the Tianbao Period, a time teeming with both wonder and lurking demonic threats. Enter Kong Hongjun, a young man brimming with innocence and completely unaware of the perilous world that awaits him in the bustling capital city of Chang’an. Thrust into the heart of the action, Kong Hongjun finds himself entrusted with three critical tasks. Little does he know, his destiny is intertwined with the Great Tang’s Exorcist Department, the elite force tasked with safeguarding the realm from monstrous yao (demon creatures).

Within the department’s halls, Kong Hongjun joins forces with Li Jinglong, the formidable commander of the Longwu Army. Together, they assemble a ragtag band of exorcist experts, each possessing unique skills and unwavering determination to vanquish the demonic forces threatening the peace. Witness the electrifying battles as these courageous teenagers strategize, unleash powerful exorcism techniques, and forge an unbreakable bond as they combat monstrous foes.

The Legend of Exorcism, animated by the talented Sparkly Key Animation studio, is a faithful adaptation of the captivating web novel by Yexiang Feitian. Prepare to be enthralled by the stunning animation that brings the battles against ferocious demons to life with heart-stopping action sequences. But beyond the spectacle, the donghua delves deeper, showcasing the camaraderie and unwavering loyalty that blossoms between these young exorcists as they face unimaginable dangers together.

This is more than just a thrilling monster-of-the-week story. The Legend of Exorcism is a testament to the power of teamwork, the courage it takes to face the unknown, and the unwavering spirit that burns bright even in the face of darkness. So, if you’re searching for a BL Chinese anime that delivers a potent blend of action, supernatural elements, and a heartwarming found-family dynamic, then The Legend of Exorcism is a must-watch!

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