Opinion: Is Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren) a BL Donghua?

In the world of Chinese boys love animation, the lingering question still remains: Is Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren) a danmei donghua? Despite its conclusion in 2021, fans and donghua enthusiasts continue to ponder the nature of this popular series.

With its two handsome male protagonists and their intimate friendship, it’s not difficult to see why many have jumped to the conclusion that Link Click might be a BL story. In this article, we will dissect this question and explore the reasons behind this assumption.

Is Link Click a BL Donghua?

To address the burning question, let’s get straight to the point: Link Click is not a boys love series. Although it features two undeniably attractive male characters who share an ambiguous relationship, the core genre of Link Click lies in hardcore mystery, suspense, and drama.

It is merely a coincidence that this donghua showcases two seriously good-looking guys as its main characters—a characteristic often associated with BL donghua and various other media.

Why did People assume that Link Click is BL?

As mentioned earlier, the presence of two incredibly attractive male characters can easily arouse suspicion among BL fans. As fans of the boys love genre, we have a tendency to ship characters who possess undeniable chemistry.

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang from Link Click undeniably emit an intense aura of bromance, reminiscent of the dynamics found in many danmei donghua. In fact, Link Click might evoke memories of the popular BL donghua, Antidote (Jie Yao), an adaptation of Wu Zhe’s emotionally charged BL novel of the same name.

Despite these parallels, it is crucial to note that Link Click is an exceptional donghua that transcends genre categorizations. It offers a must-watch experience for fans of Chinese animation, regardless of their specific preferences. The quality of the series is rare, captivating both casual anime viewers and dedicated enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, the anticipation for its sequel, Link Click Season 2 (Shiguang Daili Ren), is mounting as it is scheduled to air on July 14, 2023. Excitingly, the Link Click fanbase will also be treated to a live-action TV series adaptation in 2024, featuring Jiang Long as Cheng Xiaoshi, Bi Wenjun as Lu Guang, and Bu Guanjin as Qiao Ling.

While Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren) might not fall into the BL category, it undeniably sparks curiosity and fascination among fans of Chinese boys love animation. Its mysterious storyline, intense suspense, and captivating characters have earned it a devoted following. The presence of Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang’s undeniable chemistry, reminiscent of the bromance found in danmei donghua, only adds to its allure.

As we eagerly await the release of the sequel and the forthcoming live-action TV series, it’s clear that Link Click has left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers, irrespective of their preferred genre.

Remember, in the world of Chinese boys love animation, Link Click shines as a beacon of quality and intrigue, demonstrating that exceptional storytelling knows no boundaries.