Zhong Ming and Qing Xiong: The Hot Daddies from Legend of Exorcism

Tian Bao Fuyao Lu, also known as the Legend of Exorcism, is one of Bilibili’s top-rated and most beloved Chinese BL animations that made us all giddy for many reasons. It is an exciting and action-packed mystery-solving donghua that features a group of young men trying to rid the Ancient Capital of Chang an influenced by supernatural creatures such as demons and malevolent spirits.

Zhong Ming and Qing Xiong

The donghua also showcase a stellar set of characters that we truly enjoyed following. From the adorable interaction of Li Jinglong and Kong Hongjun. The charismatic Atai and the extremely cool Qiu Yongsi also caught our attention. But on a personal level, Mo Rigen must have been the character from Legend of Exorcism that captivated my heart like no other. However, aside from these 5 handsome men, the show also features a wide array of interesting characters such as the two hot monster daddies of Hongjun – Zhong Ming, and Qing Xiong.

Hongjun’s Hot Daddies: Zhong Ming and Qing Xiong

Alright, so let’s talk about the hot daddies from Legend of Exorcism, Zhong Ming and Qing Xiong were the adopted fathers of Kong Hongjun. They are the sworn brothers of Kong Xuan, Hongjun’s father. Upon the death of Kong Xuan, the two demons adopted Hongjun and raised him at the Yaojin Palace.

Let’s dive a bit deeper and get to know them more, especially since donghua viewers only may not be quite familiar with them. It’s great to have a closer look at deep as we wait for the highly anticipated return of the series on Legend of Exorcism Season 3 which was previously announced by Bilibili.

Zhong Ming

Also known as Chong Ming, he is the eldest of the three brothers and he was the former King of the Yaos (demons). However, he gave up the position and sworn not to meddle with humans after his battle with Xie Yu which got him poisoned and died.

As we all know, demons live a longer life than humans and Zhong Ming was later revived during the events that took place in the prequel of Legend of Exorcism, Epic of Divinity Light (Dinghai Fusheng Records). Hence, he’d been alive since then and in the Legend of Exorcism, he was portrayed as the stern yet caring father figure of Hongjun.

Zhong Ming has a strong dislike for humans, hence, it will be quite difficult for our MC Li Jinglong to get the approval of Zhong Ming in their budding friendship with Hongjun. As a demon, Zhong Ming’s specie is the eternal Phoenix. He was the leader of the Three Sages of the Yaojin Palace, the other two are his younger brothers.

Qing Xiong

Next is the second of the Three Sages of the Yaojin Palace, and probably, my next favorite character in the series after Mo Rigen. He was also the hottest character in the series in my opinion.

Qing Xiong is one the characters that kickstarted the events in Legend of Exorcism as he tasked Hongjun to find the truth behind his father’s death as well as task him with the Heart Lamp necklace for safekeeping. The very same necklace connects Hongjun and Jinglong because of how they first met.

As a demon, Qing Xiong is a Golden-winged Great Peng, and he was known as the protector of the Ancient City of Chang an, especially when he took down the evil Fox spirit that dared to bring chaos to it. He was also in charge of the diplomatic aspects of the Yaojin Palace.

Unlike Zhongming who displayed an intimidating and stern appearance, Qing Xiong possessed an open-minded view of the world, he is wise and had been a mentor of Hongjun in many ways. He has the innate power to perceive the hearts of others. So, I must say that Qingxiong is rather the cool and hot uncle anybody could ever ask for.