10 Anime Like You Yao (Are You OK) That Every Donghua Fans Should Watch

You Yao (Are You OK?) is a 2020 Chinese BL anime series produced by iQIYI and Shengying Animation. It is adapted from a web novel of the same name by Qi Shi You Xing, and Qi Ying Jun. It spans various genres including fantasy, science fiction, romantic, and drama.

You Yao season 2 (Are You Ok)

The series has been praised for its unique aesthetic, its imaginative stories, and its exploration of Chinese culture and society. It has also been credited as one of the most popular danmei (boys-love) donghua with comedic flair in its plot.

If you are a fan of You Yao, then you are sure to enjoy the other 10 anime shows that are listed in this blog post. These shows are all similar to You Yao in terms of their unique and imaginative stories, beautiful animation, and focus on Chinese culture and antics. This is the perfect time especially that You Yao Season 2 just aired a few weeks ago.

10 Anime Like You Yao (Are You OK) That Every Donghua Fans Should Watch

The Land of Miracles (2022)

Land of Miracles

The Land of Miracles is a story about two teenagers of different backgrounds, Fa Hua and Lan Ge, who are connected by a magic artifact called the Only Pearl and must work together to save humanity. The Only Pearl creates a symbiotic relationship between Fa Hua and Lan Ge, forcing them to overcome their differences and learn to trust each other.

Fa Hua and Lan Ge are guided by the Grand Commander to train and prepare for the upcoming demon attack. They must also learn more about the mysteries of the Only Pearl and how to use it to protect humanity.

The story is a coming-of-age tale about two young people who must learn to rely on each other and their own inner strength in order to overcome challenges and save the world. It is also a story about the power of friendship, love, and sacrifice.

World of Immortals (Changsheng Jie)

World of Immortals is a story about a young man named Xiao Chen who accidentally travels to the World of Immortals, a place that mortals long to go but have forgotten how to reach. Xiao Chen finds himself in a vast and mysterious world where cultivators strive to achieve immortality. He must learn to navigate this new world and find his place in it.

Xiao Chen soon discovers that the World of Immortals is not as perfect as it seems. There is a dark side to this world, and Xiao Chen must face many challenges if he wants to survive and thrive. But with the help of his friends and allies, Xiao Chen may be able to uncover the secrets of the World of Immortals and forge his own path to immortality.

Great King of the Grave: Secrets of the Qilin (Mu Wang Zhi Wang: Qi Lin Jue)

Great King of the Grave: Secrets of the Qilin is a Chinese anime that takes place in the world of tomb-raiding martial arts. The story focuses on the two major factions in this world: the attacking school and the guarding school. The two schools have been in a stalemate for many years, but the guarding school is trying to embezzle the tomb-raiding order. This incident triggers a series of turmoil in the tomb-raiding world.

The protagonist of the story is Mu Rong Xiu, the eldest disciple of the attacking school. He is a talented and skilled martial artist who is also kind-hearted and compassionate. When he learns of the guarding school’s plot, he sets out to stop them and protect the tomb-raiding order.

Along the way, Mu Rong Xiu teams up with a variety of allies, including members of the attacking school, the tomb-raiding school, and the God-catching Gate. Together, they must face off against the guarding school and their powerful leader, Luo Wu Zi.

Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei)

Psychic Princess is a Chinese romance anime about a young woman named Qian Yunxi who has special psychic abilities. Because of this, she was deemed abnormal and raised in the mountains. When she turns 16, she takes her younger sister’s place to marry into the royal family of Ye. However, the prince, Ye Youming, is rumored to be strange, cold, and cruel.

It is difficult to say much more about the anime without knowing more of the plot, but based on the synopsis you provided, it seems that the anime will focus on Qian Yunxi’s journey to navigate the royal court, learn more about her powers, and find love with Ye Youming.

No Doubt In Us (Liang Bu Yi)

No Doubt In Us is a Chinese romance anime about a handsome emperor and an embarrassed queen who accidentally swap bodies after falling into a pool together. The way to swap back is unknown, and the emperor is quite angry about it. Before everything comes back to normal, the emperor has to deal with his mean imperial concubines that he never knew about, and the queen has to mediate between the ministries.

This anime is sure to be full of hilarious and heartwarming moments as the emperor and queen learn to navigate their new lives in each other’s bodies. The anime will also explore themes of gender roles, power dynamics, and the importance of communication in relationships.

Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire (Lie Huo Jiao Chou)

Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire is a Chinese boys love donghua adapted from a novel by Priest. It is set in a world where a small percentage of people have special abilities. These people are known as “Special Abilities” and they are controlled by an autonomous organization called the Deviant Control Office.

The story follows Xuan Ji, a young man who is appointed as the new director of the Deviant Control Office. Xuan Ji is a skilled investigator and he is determined to maintain order and peace in the world. However, he soon discovers that there are those who are willing to take advantage of their special abilities for their own gain.

Xuan Ji teams up with a powerful Special Ability named Sheng Lingyuan to investigate a series of mysterious crimes. Along the way, they develop a deep bond and eventually fall in love.

Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire is a complex and suspenseful donghua that explores themes of power, corruption, and love. It is a must-watch for fans of boys love anime.

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Tales Of Dark River (Anhe Zhuan)

Tales of Dark River is a Chinese anime adaptation of Zhou Munan’s novel of the same name. It is set in a world of martial arts and intrigue and follows the story of Su Muyu, the leader of the Spider Shadow, the guardian squad of the top leader of the Dark River assassin organization.

When the top leader is poisoned and at the brink of death, the three families of the Dark River seize the opportunity to launch a rebellion. Su Muyu must seek out the divine doctor Bai Hehuai from the Medicine King Valley to cure the top leader, while also fending off assassins from the other families and protecting him.

Su Muyu is a skilled martial artist and a loyal servant of the top leader. He is also a complex and conflicted character, torn between his duty to his organization and his personal feelings for his friend, Su Changhe.

Tales of Dark River is a dark and suspenseful anime that explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and power. It is a must-watch for fans of martial arts anime and Chinese novels.

Sword of the Immortal (Jian Xian Zai Ci)

Sword of the Immortal (Jian Xian Zai Ci) is a Chinese anime about a young man named Lin Beichen who is transported to another world after receiving a magical mobile phone from a mysterious man. In this new world, Lin Beichen must find a way to get stronger in order to survive and return to Earth.

Lin Beichen is a kind and compassionate person, but he is also weak and inexperienced. When he is transported to the new world, he is quickly targeted by enemies. However, Lin Beichen is determined to survive and find a way back to his family and friends.

With the help of the magical mobile phone, Lin Beichen begins to cultivate his qi and learn swordsmanship. He also meets a variety of allies along the way, including a beautiful and powerful swordswoman named Qingxue.

Together, Lin Beichen and Qingxue must face off against powerful enemies and overcome many challenges. But with their determination and courage, they may just be able to find a way to return to Earth.

The Defective (Can Ci Pin)

The Defective

The Defective is a Chinese donghua based on a BL novel by Priest. It is set in a futuristic dystopia where mind-link tech known as Eden controls society. One out of every hundred people can’t interface with Eden and are deemed “defective” as outcasts.

The story follows Lu Bixing and Lin Jingheng, two very different men who are brought together by their shared identity as defectives. Lu Bixing is a young man who is full of hope and determination, even in the face of adversity. Lin Jingheng is a cold and distant general who is struggling to come to terms with his own defectiveness.

Despite their differences, Lu Bixing and Lin Jingheng form a strong bond and work together to fight against the unjust world they live in. They are joined by a group of other defectives who are also determined to create a better future for themselves and their kind.

You’re a Genius (Ni Zhenshi Ge Tiancai)

You’re a Genius! is a Chinese donghua set in an alternative world where magic is the source of energy. The story follows a young boy named Xiao Chen from the north of the Western Continent, who has a special power that allows him to resist magic.

Xiao Chen travels to the southern part of the Western Continent, which is occupied by the Great Qin Empire. The Great Qin Empire is a powerful empire that relied on magic to maintain its power. Xiao Chen’s goal was to train himself and become strong enough to defeat the Great Qin Empire and free the people from its oppression.

Along the way, Xiao Chen meets a variety of allies, including a beautiful girl named Ling’er, a wise old man named Master Yun, and a group of rebels who are fighting against the Great Qin Empire. Together, they must face off against powerful enemies and overcome many challenges.