You Yao Season 2 (Are You OK) Release & Updates

Hey guys, do you know that one of the most hilarious and beloved Chinese BL anime, or danmei donghua had returned this 2023? Yes, our favorite gang from You Yao also known as Are You OK came back this year for the 2nd season of its donghua adaptation which began airing on September 27 on iQIYI.

You Yao Season 2 (Are You OK) Updates

The donghua had already premiered its 2nd season on September 27, 2023. But it seems that many avid followers of the series haven’t been aware of this, which is not surprising especially since it’s been almost 3 years since the first season has ended, and the announcement of its release date only took place a few days before the actual release date. If I may say, that is not enough time to disseminate the information in the donghua community no matter how small it may be compared to mainstream anime, after all, the flow of information among donghua fans is quite slow since there are only limited available sources for matters like this.

You Yao Season 2 continues where the story left us all from the previous season and it seems promising as ever. You Yao Season 2 is scheduled to have 24 episodes, hence, it’s gonna be quite a long journey filled with so much fun, action, Chinese humor, and some political conspiracies. Now, isn’t it exciting?

Shengying Animation comes back as its animation studio together with High Energy Studio, and iQIYI as its producer, and official distributing channel.

You Yao (Are You OK) Overview

The series is adapted from a Chinese web novel of the same name by Qi Yingjun. The series was adapted into a donghua in 2020 and aired as part of the summer lineup that year with Shengying Animation as its studio. The fantasy and comedy donghua features antics such as time manipulation, swordplay, body swapping, and reincarnation in its plot.


The current government is seeking outsiders and granting them positions according to their abilities in order to update their backward country and create a new world! Zuo Yunqi is just an ordinary young master, but to save his father, he disguises himself as an outsider to join the government. Unfortunately, his disguise is broken by a man hired specifically to identify who’s a real outsider and who isn’t. In their battle of wits, the two of them end up in many comedic situations and eventually become allies. As the two of them stop a shocking conspiracy, they discover that some of the outsiders have formed their own alliance to revolt against those in power and create a new society of peace and equality. Zuo Yunqi and his friends are forced to join in and become a part of this battle…

Source: Baidu